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alaska fishing

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alaska resort alaska resort


alaska resort


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Trekking: Whether you want to go on short treks - 2 or 3 days - or on longer treks, we will provide you with guide, radio and tents. On longer treks, you will travel between set-up campsites in the mountains where you can view wildlife in beautiful scenery.

Photo Safaris: Traveling on the river in boats, canoes or rafts - in the mountains, or through tundra and forests.

alaska recreation alaska trekking

The rivers are our roads out here. Boats are the main mode of transportation. Sight-seeing from a boat or canoe is a real treat. In the summer months, you travel lakes that few people ever see. Bald eagles, osprey, swans, geese, ducks and shorebirds are abundant this time of year. You'll also see beaver and otter in the water as well as moose, caribou and bear on the banks.

  alaska fishing

alaska fishing



alaska winter sports alaska sightseeing



Travel on trapping trails through the forest and over tundra. Camp in remote cabins or tents. Learn how to set a net under the ice. The winter is beautiful and because of the low humidity, it's often quite comfortable even in subzero weather. The lakes and rivers are frozen and because of this, mobility is much greater than in summer months, making this season the favorite of the locals. Ptarmigan, grouse, furbearers and big game animals can be seen in their natural setting.

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Costs not Included
Transportation from Anchorage to the lodge and your return trip


Bookings and Deposits

Bookings for resort activities are available year-round.
For fishing trips bookings are available from mid-June through August.
A deposit of one-half the cost of the trip is required to guarantee your reservation. The earlier you send your deposit, the better. We should receive your deposit no later than 3 months prior to your arrival. The balance is due upon arrival at the lodge. If you wish, you can add days to your trip subject to our schedule.

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